ABQ Film Industry

“Albuquerque has a lot going for it as a filming location: diverse “looks,” the ability to make a company move between downtown and empty desert in a single day of shooting, and, critically, a terrific labor pool of experienced technicians who make working in this area a huge plus for any project. All that and the special New Mexico light…. and sunsets!”

– Stew Lyons, Producer “Breaking Bad”

Do it all right here in Albuquerque.

Albuquerque is more than an inspired and smart choice for your film project. The city offers a healthy and relaxed lifestyle for those who consider staying longer or returning again and again. Albuquerque is a crossroads where cultures converge and diverse people live together with respect. Albuquerque is where opportunity is born.

Albuquerque – Economic Impact

Film and TV production in Albuquerque has become a significant part of the creative economy, providing high-paying creative and technical jobs and indirectly benefiting other industries and businesses in the city. The Albuquerque Film Office supports this rapidly expanding industry by serving as a liaison between City agencies, the local community, and film/TV productions.

Albuquerque – Premiere Production Hub

  • Incentives
  • Diverse locations
  • Abundant sunshine
  • Deep crew base
  • 90-minute flight from Los Angeles

Albuquerque – Industry Highlights


Workshops to promote online training “Breaking In” August 2020


Hosted Career Connection event: 7 panels of industry professionals, 300+ in attendance


Released new digital permit process


Hosted Deadline Hollywood’s 1st Hot Spot Conference


SB2 – State Implemented Tax Rebate Incentive, $110M cap, includes games, animation and VFX project


NBCUniversal – $500M – 10-year lease

2022, 2021, 2020, 2019

Named Best Places to Live and Work as a Movie Maker, MovieMaker Magazine


Netflix – $1B – 10-year minimum commitment

Netflix New Mexico Filming

The Ridiculous 6
February 2015

Hired 600 New Mexico crew members, 250 New Mexico actors & background

September 2016

Hired 280 New Mexico crew members, 30 New Mexico actors, 2,350 New Mexico background

March 2017

Final season hired 200 New Mexico crew members, 50 New Mexico principal actors, 1,000 New Mexico background

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs
September 2017

Hired 188 New Mexico crew members, 16 New Mexico actors, 800 background

May 2018

Hired 500 New Mexico crew members, 40 New Mexico actors, 1,800 New Mexico background

June 2018

Hired 180 New Mexico crew members, 75 New Mexico actors, 400 New Mexico background

Walk. Ride. Rodeo
July 2018

Hired 60 New Mexico crew members, 20 New Mexico actors, 350 New Mexico background