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Albuquerque Film Office

The Albuquerque Film Office’s (AFO) main purpose is to serve as liaison among City agencies, the local community, and the entertainment industry. As this rapidly expanding economic sector continues to grow in Albuquerque, providing high-paying and creative jobs to the community, the AFO works to enhance opportunities that benefit local businesses, (both directly and indirectly) as well as to showcase local talent.

We provide resources and support to productions, including oversight of the digital permit process via the City website, www.cabq.gov. And we work with our local educational institutions to bring additional training and knowledge to local aspiring filmmakers.

As the AFO embraces the importance of this key industry, we also acknowledge that our priority is to ensure that the Film, Television and Photography Guidelines are being upheld to maintain the safety and well-being of Albuquerque, its businesses, and its residents.

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