McCLAIN+YU Architecture & Design

MISSION: We are dedicated to the creation of inspiring environments that improve the quality of life. We seek to transform ways clients and collaborators envision their future through architecture. By focusing on the triad of durability, feasibility, and beauty (durabilis, facere, concinniitas) we are committed to exploration of materials and practice that make a positive impact to our community where we work and live.
ACTIVITIES: We are able to quickly design, 3D model and animate spaces (sets) for construction.  We are able to communicate, execute with complex teams to bring projects under budget and schedule.  We are expeditious in understanding scope of any project and can bring the best collaborators on board to complete a well executed project. We have a long standing history with a large design team (architects, designer, engineers, fabricators, contractors).   We understand thoroughly the permitting processes for complicated projects for the well being and welfare of the public and all project members.  www.