Oso Grande Technologies Inc

Oso Grande Technologies is a data center in downtown Albuquerque dedicated to providing customer intimacy. We can provide dedicated bandwidth as well as customizable office space on long, short, and emergency term needs. We provide anywhere from 100MBPS up to and over 10GIGS of dedicated bandwidth on demand. Our office spaces have been customized per client to fit their needs, such as editing of dailies, small screenings, full editing bays, data room storage and more. We also pair our full Data Floors for computer and equipment storage as well as cross connect hookups for remote access to offices. Oso Grande also has a fully fledged cubicle farm for additional workspaces for all your needs at any given time. We can offer daily, weekly, monthly, yearly as well as emergency hourly terms to fit your needs at any given time. We are truly plug and play for your benefit.