Presley Talent

Presley Talent, is New Mexicos top rated Boutique SAGAFTRA Talent Agency. With nearly two decades of experience in the entertainment industry we look forward to continually connecting with Producers, Writers, Directors and Casting Directors to illuminate established and emerging talent with our primary focus on Studio Film and Television production.

We are locally owned and operated, living and working in the New Mexico Film industry, which offers your production inside insight to local resources as well as cost savings by hiring the best New Mexico resident and local hire talent.

Advantages of hiring local and using a resident local Talent Agency include:

  • Saving on talent travel
  • Saving on talent perdiem
  • Familiarity with local crew and casting directors
  • Years of film connections locally and nationally
  • Boutique service in the New Mexico emerging film market
  • Access to hundreds of Union and non union performers
  • Specializing in inclusive, diverse casting, including Indigenous, Bilingual and character talent.

We look forward to hearing from you!