AXCES Health

AXCES Health is a locally-owned COVID specialty clinic founded by infectious disease experts offering COVID testing, treatment, vaccination, and population management. We make managing your production simple, fast, and streamlined with our secure portal and results dashboard.

Tests Offered:

  • PCR-testing (12-24 hr results)
  • Express PCR testing (2-4 hr results)
  • Rapid Antigen testing (30-min results)
  • Discrete Concierge testing (anytime, anywhere)

Services Offered:

  • Testing coordination
  • Clinical assessment
  • Contact-tracing
  • Protocol development


  • Mid-town, Albuquerque (drive through)
  • Mesa Del Sol, Albuquerque (across from Q Studios)
  • Santa Fe (drive through)
  • Mobile testing trailer
  • On location

We have extensive experience working in film and live performance productions. Ask for our references!