Teresa Jones, Intimacy Coordinator for Film & Television

When your production involves scenes of simulated sex, nudity or other kinds of intimacy, Teresa Jones (she/her) will facilitate a safe, efficient production environment that satisfies legal and union obligations while freeing directors and actors to do their best creative work. Teresa is an Albuquerque based, IPA certified intimacy coordinator, actor and stunt performer. She qualifies for the New Mexico resident tax credit and is authorized to work anywhere in the US or Canada. As a former Army medic, forensic scientist, birth doula and childbirth educator; she has accumulated a wealth of experience in occupational health and safety, consent culture promotion, reproductive justice, advocacy, sexual violence and intimate partner violence, expert testimony and confidentiality. Teresa has also served as an advocate in film and television for pregnant and minor actors. Having been involved in reproductive justice and advocacy work since 2014 and being bisexual, polyamorous and kinky herself; she has developed a deep awareness of and is committed to continuing education in trauma awareness, LGBTQIA+ issues, ethical non-monogamy and BDSM.