Kameo Health

Kameo Health offers flexible, reliable COVID-19 testing solutions for the entertainment and production industry.


  • Built for producers, by producers
  • Extensive experience facilitating walk-in & drive-through testing events
  • Mobile teams that are deployed across the country to your set
  • Trusted & vetted by top  tier brands & unions (Netflix, Apple, Amazon, SAG, etc)
  • Reliable, flexible team that is on-call 24/7



  • Full service, end-to-end testing event management
  • Testing & Results: We work closely with you to ensure the right people get the right tests and have results before they enter set
  • Planning & Logistics: We are fully self-sufficient and handle all the planning, supply procurement, event setup, staffing, data intake and couriers needed to run smooth testing events

Multiple Testing Solutions

  • Test Types
  • RT-PCR tests
  • Rapid Tests
  • Event Types:
  • Walk-in
  • Drive-through
  • Concierge